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Below we have listed the most common questions we receive from first time customers about ourselves and our processes. Please click on one of the links below to go to the FAQs for specific services.
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DigMyPics Information and Services
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How much does it cost?
  See our Video Tape Transfer Page for more details.
Service   Price/Tape
Direct to DVD
Copies your tapes onto a DVD for easy viewing
$11.95 up to 2 hours
Includes DVD
Direct to Hard Drive 
So you can edit the video at home
plus a hard drive
Video Tape Alchemy  
We do the edits, you select and arrange scenes online and create digital photos from any point in your video
  $20/Tape plus $0.34/ minute plus
$8.00 per DVD

Please Note: You must purchase a hard drive from DigMyPics if you would like to have your transferred tapes as editable files. Just check the As Editable AVI checkbox on the order form when placing your order
Due to the risk of infecting our network with a virus or the responsibility for pre-existing files we cannot use a hard drive you already own.

What about return shipping charges?

We charge the published shipping rates on the FedEx and USPS websites.
What Video Tape formats do you convert to DVD?

  We can convert a wide variety of Video Tape formats to DVD for your convenience. The current formats we can convert are as follows: VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, 8mm Tape (Hi8), Digital 8, and Mini DV. Visit our Video Tape Formats page for descriptions of these tape formats.

Do you convert copyrighted material?
  Most copyrighted material has a copy protection applied that we do not try and bypass. If the copyrighted material does not have a copy protection applied we can transfer it if permission is granted by the copyright owner or if you agree to sign a waiver that you will only be using the DVD we make as a backup of the material you legally own and not for resale or other commercial purposes.

Can you convert PAL tapes from other countries?

  We only have equipment that supports NTSC (National Television System Committee) format tapes.
Will you improve the quality of my Video Tapes?
  We only use Super VHS Professional Series JVC Decks for our tape transfers. Most VHS tapes will look better with the Video Stabilizing and TBC (Time Based Correction) features built into the decks we use. Multiple noise reduction technologies are applied before MPEG-2 encoding to guarantee superior quality images.

Can you repair broken tapes?

  Yes indeed! We have a $30 flat fee to repair a broken tape. We will try our best to repair the tape but if our efforts are unsuccessful the repair fee will still apply.
What customer service do you provide?

  We have a direct phone number to our customer service representatives during regular business hours. You won't be forced onto a hold line. When you call 1-866-364-5952 our phones start ringing and we answer with a hearty hello!
Do you offer Rush Service?
  Yes. The additional cost for this service is 50% of the services price with a $50 minimum. We do this in order to pay an employee to work overtime in order to move a customer ahead in the Queue to be processed.

Where are you located?
   We never ship your tapes to any other location. We do all of the work in our new, 18,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art facility in Gilbert, AZ.

Can I try you out before I send all my tapes?

  Sure! We have no minimum so you will just pay for what you send. We are confident you will be satisfied with the quality of our service.
Can I get my tapes back in an editable form?
  Yes! We can now convert your tapes into editable .AVI files. The price is $19.95 for up to two hours. If a tape is longer than 2 hours, the cost is an additional $9.95 for each additional hour per tape.

Pricing does not include a DVD movie disc that will play in your DVD player. If you would like a DVD movie disc along with your .AVI files, each DVD is an additional $8/disc.

Please Note: You must purchase a hard drive from DigMyPics if you would like to have your transferred tapes as editable files. Just check the As Editable AVI checkbox on the order form when placing your order
Due to the risk of infecting our network with a virus or the responsibility for pre-existing files we cannot use a hard drive you already own.

AVI files are huge. Just 4.32 minutes of video creates 1 GB of data.

Data Requirements:
Drive Size Hours of Video
16GB 1
32GB 2
100GB 7
250GB 18
320GB 23
400GB 28
500GB 36
720GB 51
1TB 72

Can I watch the DVDs you create in my DVD player?

  Yes, these DVDs work like any commercial DVD you buy in the store.
Can I order extra copies? How much do they cost?
  We keep all the files we need to make additional copies for 30 days after your order is completed. Simply call us and we'll send more copies your way or even deliver them to a friend or relative as a gift. The cost is $8 per disc. For example: If a set consists of 3 discs to fulfill the total footage then it will be $24 per set.

Can I make copies of the DVD myself?

  Yes. These DVDs are yours to do with what you like. You must have the proper burning software and DVD Burner Drive installed on your computer.
Do you create chapter points on the DVD?

  Chapter points are created every 5 minutes to help you skip through your DVD and find an event quicker.
Do you edit out blank spots in the tape?

  Not in a Direct To DVD transfer but we make the DVD in a way that is not copy protected so that you can edit them however you like. See next question for how to do that.
Tape to Hard Drive allows you to do this.
Video Tape Alchemy allows you to exclude any clips you don't want on your final DVDs.
How do I edit my videos after they have been transferred?
  For the direct to DVD version of our tape transfers the following information is provided to help you edit the footage contained on the DVD's.

PC: We recommend using a program to convert the DVDs we make you into MPEG-2 video files with which you can edit on your computer. Playable DVDs are made with a standard .VOB file format that is interpreted by your DVD player and shown on your TV Screen. There are many companies that make software for converting this format into something to use on your computer. Since DVDs are encoded with an MPEG-2 compression it is quickest to convert the VOB files into MPEG-2 files. The fastest software for doing this is called "VOB2MPG" and can be downloaded at the following link:

MAC: You will have to rip the DVD into a format which iMovie or iDVD will recognize. There are a lot of programs out there for converting DVD (VOB Files) into a video format such as MPEG-4 that you can use on your Mac. Here are some links to a few programs you can try:,,
You may also need to purchase the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component. It is available as an add-on to QuickTime 6 or QuickTime 7 for $19.99 from the Apple Store online at

For the .AVI file version of our tape transfers, you will need a computer with an editing software package such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or Adobe Premiere capable of processing .AVI files.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for any editing software.

How long will it take?

  Our current turn status is listed on the left hand side of every page on our website.

Will you return my originals?

  All your original tapes sent with your order will be sent back along with your digitized materials.

How should I organize my tapes?
  If you would like, you can organize them in chronological order by date. Please number your tapes as it makes organization much easier. We will print a title sheet for you that will help you find the event you want to watch.

Sounds great!  How do I proceed?
  Simply fill out our online order form. When you click the Submit Info button you will be given the option to schedule a FedEx pickup, drop off or you can print a generic label and ship via the courier of your choice. Here is the order page.
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