Photo&Video Formats

Slide Types

Standard Slides - 49¢ per scan

35mm Slide

35mm film mounted in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts. Slides in glass mounts must be removed remounted.

35mm 1/2 Frame

Mounted in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts, but the image is half the size of 35mm.

110 (in 2x2 mount)

110 slides in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts are the same price as the 35mm and 126.


126 slides mounted in a 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts. The film size is square, not rectangular like 35mm.

Non Standard Slides - $1.09 per scan

110 pocket slides (in 1x1 mount)

Mounted in 1x1" cardboard or plastic mounts and are half the size of standard slides.

3D Stereo Slides

We have two options for scanning 3D Stereo Slides:

1. Cut stereo slide mount in half and scan.

2. Scan without cutting mount in half for $0.50 handling fee per image.

Only one side will be scanned unless the customer notes they would like both sides.

If Stereo slides are in glass or steel mounts, a $1.00 handling fee will be added per slide to remove the film for scanning.

127 Super Slide

127 Superslides in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts.

Negatives Types

Standard Film - 59¢ per scan

35mm Negatives

Pricing for 35mm negatives is per frame/image for negative strips containing 2 or more frames with every frame on the strip scanned. We cannot scan individually selected frames on the strip.

For single frame 35mm there is a service charge of $1.00 per 35mm single frame, as a special adapter is required.

35mm 1/2 Frame

The frame size is half that of a regular 35mm. Every frame on the strip of 2 or more must be scanned.

Non Standard Film - $1.09 per scan

110 Negative Strip

Pricing for 110 negatives is per frame for negative strips containing 2 or more frames with every frame on the strip scanned.

126 Negatives

Film size is square, not rectangular like 35mm. Pricing for 126 negatives is per frame for negative strips containing 2 or more frames with every frame on the strip scanned.

Disc Negatives

The fifteen 11x8mm images are arranged around the outside of the disc. Every frame on the disc must be scanned. Please keep the smaller film size in mind when choosing dpi. We generally recommend 4000 dpi on this film.

Medium Format Film - $1.99 per scan

Medium Format

Medium Format Film is between 1.5 x 1.5 inches up to 2.4 x 3.5 inches.

Large Format Film - $2.99 per scan

Large Format

Large Format is for Negatives above 2.4" x 3.5" to 4" x 5".

APS Film

APS Film Cartridges - 49¢ per Frame

APS film must be in the APS cartridge to be scanned, the film will be returned in the cartridge. We can scan 15, 25 and 40 exposure (not all companies can do the 40 exposure cartridges).

Print Types

Standard Prints - 49¢ per scan

Loose paper photos up to 8x10.

Non Standard Prints - $1.15 per scan

Cards, children's artwork, documents, IDs, clippings, etc. Up to 8x10.

Prints In Albums - $1.15 per scan

Prints in photos albums must be removed or cropped from the page.

Oversize Prints - $4.95 per scan

Prints greater than 8x10 and smaller than 11x14.

Tape Formats & Specs

VHS Tapes

2-6 hrs - Video Home System developed by JVC utilizing half-inch tape, which is the most widely used video format.

Super VHS

30 mins-2 hrs - A higher quality version of the VHS videotape format with a sharper picture and resolution similar to that of HI-8. This format is used for videographers mostly for shooting and editing.


45-90 mins - A regular VHS video tape wound into a smaller cartridge. Since the cartridge is smaller, the length of VHS/C tape is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes - though longer times can be achieved using a long play mode, the quality usually is poor compared to the faster speed. The compact tapes are inserted into your VCR using a cassette adapter which comes with each VHS/C camera. Once inserted, the tape plays just like any other VHS tape you've ever used.

8mm Tape

30 mins-2 hrs - Camcorders often have many of the best features found in higher priced HI-8 units, including image stabilization, strong optical and digital zooms and innovative special effects. Regular 8mm tapes are the exact size and shape as their HI8 counterparts, but record video at a lower resolution level, and therefore, are less expensive than camcorders which produce better image quality.


30 mins-2 hrs - Camcorders record their signal at about 400 lines of resolution, slightly less than Mini DV, but substantially higher than 8mm or regular VHS formats. Most often, HI-8 camcorders record sound in hi-fi stereo. Slight quality loss is suffered when copying or editing from HI-8, but a better than average image is maintained. Tapes from HI-8 camcorders generally must be played using the camera as the source, which means the user often must connect cables to their television or VCR. HI-8 tapes can be bought in 30, 60, and 120-minute lengths.


45-90 mins - A format that is far superior to HI-8 or 8MM. Sony was the first to introduce this format and has done a great job. It is backward compatible, meaning that the new Digital8 camcorders and VCR's will also play your 8MM and HI-8 tapes. You do not have to buy special tapes to record in Digital8. A regular 8MM or HI-8 tape will record up to 60 minutes of digital video and audio. Because of the design, using regular tapes is not a problem, but it uses twice as much tape. A 2 hour HI-8 or 8MM tape will record 60 minutes when done in the Digital mode and records up to 500 lines of resolution.


30-80 mins - The smallest of the video formats. They take and maintain crystal clear images because of the nature of a digital format. Editing enthusiasts benefit from Mini DV as well, since copying between two units is done with no quality loss. That means edited or copied video looks and sounds every bit as good as the original footage. Mini DV tapes are available in 30, 60,63 and 80 minute lengths. Digital camcorders have the highest resolution of all the camcorders, starting at 500 lines.

8mm & 16mm Movie Film

Super 8 & 8mm Movie Film

8MM film has sprockets on one side of the film reel and measures 8mm wide

16mm Movie Film

16mm film is twice as wide as 8mm film. If it has sprockets on both sides then the film is silent if only one side has sprockets then there was sound recorded on the film. We charge an additional 25¢ per foot to transfer optical sound.