Project Quote

Input the estimated quantity of the photo and video formats that you need to convert to digital. We will charge for the exact number of scans once the project is completed.

This quote assumes your project will not require any special handling.

Premium Handling Services

Standard Slides - 49¢ per scan

  • 35mm Slides
  • 35mm 1/2 Frame Slides
  • 110 in 2x2 mounts
  • 126 Slides

Non Standard Slides - $1.09 per scan

  • 110 Pocket Slides in 1x1 mounts
  • 3D Stereo Slides
  • 127 Super Slides

Standard Negatives - 59¢ per frame

  • 35mm Negative Strips
  • 35mm 1/2 Frame Negative Strips
Negative strips must consist of at least two frames.
Specialized handling is required for single frame negatives.

Non Standard Negatives - $1.09 per frame

  • 110 Negatives Strips
  • 126 Negative Strips
  • Disc Negatives
Negative strips must consist of at least two frames.
Specialized handling is required for single frame negatives.

Medium Format Negatives - $1.99 per frame

Medium Format Film is between 1.5 x 1.5 inches up to 2.4 x 3.5 inches.

Large Format Negatives - $2.99 per frame

Large Format is for Negatives above 2.4" x 3.5" to 4" x 5".

Standard Prints - 49¢ per scan

Loose prints up to 8x10 at 600 dpi.

Standard Prints at 1200 dpi - 89¢ per scan

Loose prints up to 8x10 and at 1200 dpi you get 4 times as many pixels as a 600 dpi scan.

Non Standard Prints - $1.15 per scan

Cards, children's artwork, documents, IDs, clippings, etc. Up to 8x10

Over Size Prints - $4.95 per scan

Photos, newspaper clippings, children's artwork greater than 8" X 10" and less than 11" X 14"

Prints in Albums - 59¢ per image

We can remove the pictures from the album or we can scan the page and digitally crop out each individual photo. This is a premium service. This is just the charge to remove the photos from the albums. Scanning is addtional.

APS Film - 49¢ per scan

Enter the number of exposures. APS cartridges come in 15, 25 and 40 exposures. Pricing is per picture, not per cartridge.

How To Determine if your APS cartridge is developed

Check that the dial is in 4th position to determine if the APS cartridge has been developed. We are unable to develop film at our facility.

Tape to Digital - $11.95 per Tape

Video Tape Digitization. The media you choose at checkout will determine how you get the videos back. Choose DVD media for DVD playable videos and/or Flash Drive or Download for MP4 files.

8mm & 16mm Film - 25¢ per foot

  • 8mm Film Transfer
  • Super 8 Film Transfer
  • 16mm Film Transfer

Movie film is captured frame by frame in HD 1080p and then color corrected by our professional video editors.

Sound - Additional 25¢ per foot

add 25¢ per Foot for sound. We only charge for the portion that has sound. (Most 8mm film does not have sound) We'll notify you if your film has sound and how much it will cost before processing.