Can I delete the scan I don't want?

Yes, with our Don't Want Don't Pay™ feature we allow you to delete the pictures you don't want and be refunded up to 20% of the cost of scanning.

Once your photos have gone through basic enhancement, such as exposure and color correction, you will receive an email with a link to Don't Want, Don't Pay™. You may then review and delete or approve your images online. We will credit up to 20% of each photo-type in your order. This provides you with the flexibility to delete as many images as you don't want and receive a credit of up to 20% off the scanning fee!

Please Note: This feature only applies to photos scanning and not toward our video transfer service. Specialty services such as expedite fees, slide remounting fees and album page removal fees are non-refundable. You will have up to 21 days to review and complete your order or be subject to full price.