10 Places For Your Photography Bucket List

Are you a photography enthusiast? We’ve got 10 places in America you should put on your photography bucket list!

The Grand Canyon 

Located in Northern Arizona this stunning expanse carved by the Colorado River covers 287 miles and is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery. Hop on the train from Williams and get a seat in the observation dome car that offers panoramic views of the landscape during the 2 hour ride. You and your camera will have the time of your lives! 

Yosemite National Park

Channel your inner Ansel Adams and head over to Yosemite National Park located in California. Half Dome and Yosemite Falls are iconic spots, but the park in its entirety offers spectacular opportunities for that perfect landscape shot. You can take a day trip, stay overnight in a hotel or even hike to a camping spot. With over 759,000 acres of beauty you won’t be disappointed. 


We love a good landscape but for street and city life photography, Chicago is one of the best. Between “The Bean” sculpture at Cloud Gate, the Chicago River Walk and the general cityscape, there are so many awe-inspiring photo opportunities you might have a hard time picking what you want to see first. Snap a shot of the warm glowing neon sign at the Chicago Theater then head across the city to the North Avenue Beach for some legendary shots of the city skyline. 

Acadia National Park

One of the smallest in the country this national park, located off the coast of Maine, boasts some of the most sensational sites. Do you like lighthouses? Snap some pics of the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Love water vistas? Take a hike along the Beehive Trail for a 450 foot elevation gain that looks out over Sand Beach and Great Head. Hike or drive up to Cadillac Mountain, the parks most popular and well known site for astounding sunrises. There is just no way to be disappointed at this park. 

Niagara Falls

We’ve all heard of it, we’ve all seen pictures, but have you experienced the most powerful waterfalls in all of North America? If your answer is no, then throw this site on your bucket list immediately! Hop on the Maid of the Mist tour boat and get up close and personal with the falls. Check out the lookout points, Cave of The Winds, and all the hiking trails for some extraordinary photo experiences. 

Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Southern Oregon is one of the worlds deepest lakes and a well known photographer's paradise. The lake was formed when an ancient volcano erupted and then collapsed. It is truly hard to find a bad spot to photograph from the lake but you will definitely want to capture Wizard Island. Get up high for panoramic vistas or hike down to capture the sapphire blue water and natural details. And for a night photographer’s dream, capture the Northern Lights that can be seen between late August and mid-April.

Zion National Park

You can camp, hike and rock climb at this stunning park in Utah, just don’t forget your camera. The pink and red sandstone cliffs are an incredible natural marvel. On a clear day their tones against the blue sky will make your friends green with envy. You could spend quite a while here photographing spots like The Narrows, Kolob Canyon and Angels Landing, just to name a few. If you are passing through Utah this is a must see stop.

Antelope Canyon 

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in Arizona and no doubt you have seen the stunning images that come from this iconic area. The sun beaming in the canyon against the red rocks is breathtaking! Plan ahead, these canyons can only be seen through a guided tour. 

New Orleans

New Orleans has been described as the most unique city in America as it offers historical architecture, alongside an incredibly bustling night life. Great day photos include Jackson Square in the French Quarter, St Louis Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in the US, and City Park. Hit up Bourbon Street for some nightlife street photography that can’t be beat! 

Everglades National Park

Photo credit Edin Chavez

The Everglades is a great spot for some unique photographs as the landscape is like nothing else in the US. Take an airboat tour and learn about the history and get some up close and personal photos of the swamp and its wildlife. Find the Z Tree, and capture this rare sight. Get some sunset shots on the Pahayokee Trail. If you are into bird photography, the Everglades is home to more than 360 species during the winter. 

These are just a few of our favorite places to shoot! If you have printed photos, slides, negatives, film reels or video footage of any of these places  send them to us to get digitized so you can share their beauty with friends and family.