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Slide to DVD Service

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. The DVD of my family slides turned out beautiful and the music you chose was just right. The clarity of my dad's old worn slides turned out amazing. I also really appreciate your great customer service because you always responsed promptly to my questions by e-mail and telephone.

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Forget That Bulky, Old Projector. 

Watch Your Old Slides On Your New TV With Our Slides to DVD Service

It's a great way to watch the old slides that we scan for you or perfect for showing off someone special at a party or wedding.  Not sure how a Slideshow Movie DVD is different than a regular DVD data disc with your images on it? Read on..  

A DVD is a storage disc, just like a CD. It can hold all sorts of file types such as pictures, text documents, music, and movies. A DVD has become linked to watching movies because until recently, a DVD was the best option for distributing movies.

However, ordering your scanned photos on DVD does not automatically make the files on that DVD suitable for watching on your TV. This is because you also need the right kind of file to be on the DVD to make it play as a movie. 

Photos to DVDOur Slideshow DVD Service creates the special kind of file required by DVD players and adds music and optional chapter points. Many of our customers like having the option of viewing their images as a Slideshow Movie on their television. This a great way to share your images, and is a very popular gift for birthdays, holidays, and special events like weddings and anniversaries.


What Are My Slideshow Movie Options?

Just as digitizing your memories is not a one size fits all kind of process, you also will want the option to make your slideshow special after you order your photo scanning service.

  • Start with the basic Deluxe Slideshow Movie service. We call it Deluxe because it automatically comes with soft fade transitions, and your Videographer picks out instrumental music from our collection. You can also opt for no music, if you prefer.
  • Then add the options you want to make your movie really special! Add your own Title Slides, Transition Effects, Motion Effects...even send in your own music for a custom soundtrack!
  • You can have as much or as little help as you want. If you have an artistic vision of what you would like your slideshow to look like, give us a call and ask to speak to a videographer about your slideshow movie project, and we'll help you plan and make recommendations. 

PLEASE NOTE:  When ordering a Slideshow Movie we recommend that you download, print, and fill out our Slideshow Movie Deluxe Worksheet PDF to help your visualize and price your Slideshow Movie. After you have filled them out, print and include them in your scanning order to help the videographer make your Slideshow Movie as close to your wishes as possible.

How Much Will It Cost for My Slideshow Movie?

It's easy, fun and affordable to add a slideshow movie to your scanning order. We start with a low base price and let you customize your options.

Note: You must first order a scanning service. The Slideshow DVD Movie price is in addition to the scanning cost.

BASE PRICE $45.00 for every 500 images
Price includes: 1st DVD, 1 opening title page, our royalty free music, fade in/out of images, 6 seconds/image.
Add Ons
(choose 1 option or combination of last 2)
·Fade in/Fade out Included
·Random Transitions $5/500 photos
·Random Motion Effects $25/500 photos
(choose 1 option or combination of last 2)
·No Music Free
·Royalty Free Music we provide Free
·Music CD (entire cd ripped straight through as is) $15 per CD
·Songs (selected tracks on disc or various discs) $3 per song
·Music Edited (syncing music to selection, cutting out beginning or end) $6 per song
·Title Pages (for up to 10 words) $3/Title Slide
·Chapter Menu Points (needs to be enough images for at least 1 song, and if sending own music make sure songs fit number of images or will be charged the $5 to edit the song to fit.) $6/Chapter Point
·Generic Chapter Menu with Points (RANDOM Chapters with no title slide included in point) $20.00
·Custom Chapter Menu $20.00
·Upload CD - Images from Digital camera only (no scanned images and must be named in the order to appear, and rotated to proper orientation. Will be inserted at either beginning or end of our scanned images.) $15.00 per disc
·Extra discs $8 per disc
More questions? See the slideshow Frequently Asked Questions

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