Phanfare and digmypics Partner to Protect and Preserve

Let digmypics digitize your old memories. Let Phanfare share, manage, and archive them while getting 20% off your first year of service when you join.
Just use the Phanfare discount code digmypics when you sign up for Phanfare.

Why join Phanfare?

Phanfare isn't your ordinary photo sharing site.  The company has built the industry's largest array of tools to help you manage, use, and share your photos and videos.

Digmypics can automatically upload the photos and videos we digitize for you right into your Phanfare account.  Its fast and easy and you can start working with your photo right away.

You can set a password to protect your entire website, protecting all of your published albums. While you are still working on an album, you can keep it entirely private. Phanfare's websites include fullscreen slideshows with your own music (try it now) and optionally provide links to download fullsize original images and archival versions of your video.

Check out all the stuff Phanfare can do.  Phanfare works well with the iPhone and iPhoto. It offers a PC and Mac based Desktop Application that makes managing your photos and videos easy and fast.

No matter what your workflow, Phanfare has you covered. Phanfare has plugins for Apple Aperture, Apple iPhoto, Google's Picasa and Adobe Lightroom. You can continue to use these tools to acquire and edit your images. Then, export your finished photos directly to your Phanfare account.

Phanfare also offers web-based management and downloadable desktop organizers for Mac and PC that speed uploading and give you an immersive view into your photos and videos from any desktop. Our organizers are auto-synchronizing and work offline without a network connection.

Broad 3rd Party Support

Have an iPhone? Great. Phanfare Photon will sync your photos and videos directly to your iPhone or iPod touch right over the air. You can even edit your photos from your iPhone and your changes are sync'ed back to Phanfare.

Download the Phanfare screen saver and you can turn any computer into a connected digital picture frame.

Own an Eye-Fi™ wireless SD memory card? Phanfare supports that. Eye-Fi and Phanfare are integrated so that photos and videos that you take using your Eye-Fi card float wirelessly into your Phanfare account.

You won't find an easier to use, fuller featured photo sharing experience than Phanfare.  And now, digmypics makes it even easier.  Give it a try!

  Phanfare Features
checkbox Unlimited Online Storage
checkbox No advertising on albums
checkbox No requirement for viewer to joining Phanfare
checkbox Gorgeous web slideshow with photos and videos
checkbox Scansave turns any computer into a digital picture frame
checkbox Full size images store by Phanfare and available for download
checkbox Personal URL at
checkbox Web drop box where friends and family can drop off photos and videos
checkbox Web slideshows with your own music from iTunes
checkbox Slideshows can be downloaded and played offline
checkbox Integration with Facebook and Flickr
checkbox Image and video hosting for eBay, blogs, forums, and other websites
checkbox Photos arranged by year
checkbox Optional password protection
checkbox Owner controls whether visitors can download originals or order merchandise
checkbox Chronological organization of web albums lends itself to long-term photo blogging
checkbox Upload pictures from camera cell phones
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