Convenient and Professionally Bound Thumbnail Albums

Professional bound thumbnail albumsGet a printed set of all of your images bound together as an album that shows you all of the images on your disc or discs along with their file names and disc number.

The thumbnail album makes it easier to find just the images you're looking for. It's professionally laser printed and looks great! The images are clean, crisp, smudge proof, and much better than any ink jet print.

Our professionally bound books are 8.5x11" and you have your choice of 30, 12 or 4 photos per page. The photos in a 4 per page book are 4"x4", in a 12 per page album measure approximately 2"x2", and are 1"x1.5" in a 30 per page book.

The size of each thumbnail may vary slightly depending on the size of the original image and its aspect ratio.  For instance, a 35mm landscape photo will be 4 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall in the 4x4 book. The maximum number of pages per thumbnail book is 200 for a total of 400 front/back.

Simply look through the album, find the images you want then put the appropriate disc in your computer and copy the files you need. It's much easier than trying to find a file on a disc by opening each file. It's also a fun way to look through your images any time your like. Imagine your entire collection of family photos in one or more books. Easy to look at, easy to share, easy to enjoy!

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