Kodak s1220 Print Scanning Sample Photos

NOTE: We've discontinued the use of the Kodak 1220 and s1220 due to quality issues.
Please see our Photo Scanning page for Archival Quality Print Scanning.

Here's an example of two photos scanned using a Kodak s1220 and DigMyPics' Archival Scanning Services
These samples are meant to demonstrate the defects that you may see in scans done using a Kodak s1220 Scanner.
Not all photos will show the same degree of lines and streaks but we want you to see what's possible.
The lines are most visible in darker images.  The lines and streaks are less noticable in light images.
These photos demonstrate that effect well. Notice how the line practically vanishes in very light areas of the photos.

You can click on each photo to see it full sized.

Here are the Economy Scans scanned using the Kodak s1220 scanner.
Kodak s1220 Example

Kodak s1220 Scanner Example

Here are the same photos scanned using our Archival Service

Archival Quality Scan

Archival Quality Scan