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DigMyPics! Frequently Asked Questions for slides scanners and 35mm Slide Scanning Services and Film Scanning Services to CD and DVD

What scanner equipment do you use for scanning 35mm slides and 35mm film? We use Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 EDs film and slide scanners for scanning slides and film.  Click here for a well written, thorough review of the 4000 slide scanner.  If you're familiar with these scanners, you'll know that it produces fantastic results but it's extremely slow. When we decided to offer slide scanning services and began to look at which machines to purchase, we found two options; fast ones or good ones.  Our solution to the quality vs. speed problem had to be uncompromising on quality but fast enough to allow us to offer low prices and quick turn around times. We decided the only way to solve the problem was to choose the best scanning machine, buy lots of them and design and build a system and process to allow them to work in concert.  So that's what we did.  Our system is fast, efficient and uncompromising.
Nikon film scanner and slide scanner
We use the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED slide and film scanners.  Your Kodachrome slides can now benefit from the scratch and dust removal technology of Digital ICE4!

What equipment do you use to scan Medium Format Film?

We use Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 and Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 slide and film scanners for scanning Medium Format Film and other specialty film formats.  Click here for a well written, thorough review of this scanner.  If you're familiar with these scanners, you'll know that they also produces fantastic results but are extremely, extremely slow to work with.

What does your standard pricing include when scanning slides?

Our standard pricing includes cleaning with compressed air to remove surface dust, scanning at 2000dpi (higher dpi's are available, too), Digital ICE dust and scratch removal when appropriate, rotating each image to the correct orientation, cropping to the edge of the image, and image enhancement including color balance, color restoration, and lightening/darkening each image on an image by image basis. We do not do batch auto-enhancement like ROC and GEM. This is an important difference between DigMyPics! and other services.  Batch enhancement works well with some images but it makes others look worse; sometimes much worse.  We consider batch or automated processing of any kind to be an unacceptable practice and you should, too.  Instead we do those enhancements on an image by image basis to make sure each image is the best it can be.

Our pricing for 35mm slides also applies to 110mm, 126mm and 35mm half frame slides in 2x2 mounts.  We can also scan 127 SuperSlides in 2x2 mounts, however, the pricing is different based on which scanning option you choose, please contact us for details.

We include online, instant access to your images to view and approve.  Nobody else is offering this service but we think it's important.  We're sure you'll be anxious to see your photos as soon as possible and make sure they are everything you're expecting.

We include one free CD or DVD Data Disk to store your full sized images. Additional disks are $6.00 each.  We use top notch archival quality media with a life span of at least 100 years.  We spend a lot of money on the media we use.  We wouldn't think of skimping on such an important part of archiving your photos.

If you're shopping around make sure to read "the fine print".  Many services have service levels that make their prices look cheap but those prices fail to include many necessary services and will leave you disappointed or stuck paying more than you expected.  Check out our shopping tips page for a guide on what to watch out for.  Whichever service you choose, make sure you understand what you're getting and how much you're paying.  We've worked hard to keep our pricing simple but that's not true of every service provider.

If you have additional needs that require special settings, just let us know and we'll accommodate those needs.

What do you do about dust and scratches when you scan slides?   We use compressed air on each slide to remove surface dust.  We don't wipe the film or touch it in any way.  Digital ICE will repair most other surface defects that aren't removed by the compressed air.
slide scan digital ice slide scanner dust and scratch
Original Slide After DigMyPics!

Click to learn more about the makeover we can give your slides.

Do you rotate and crop the images?   We will manually rotate images to the correct orientation for no additional charge.  We also will crop your images to remove the black border left by the scanning equipment. 

How long will it take for you to scan my slides?   Our current turn around time is updated constantly and posted on the left sidebar of every page.  We offer a rush service if you need them rushed; just contact us to arrange to have your order expedited.

How many slides can you transfer to a CD?   A CD holds 650MB.  A slide at 2000 dpi in JPEG at 100% quality format is about 3MB in size.  You can fit between 2 - 3 hundred slides on 1 CD.  A slide at 4000 dpi will be 4 times larger and only 50 - 75 will fit on one CD.  If you want your images in uncompressed TIFF format then each file size will be over 16MB at 2000 dpi or 64MB at 4000 dpi.    Check out our resolutions page.

Can you put my slide batches in different directories?   Yes!  If you group your slides and name and label the group, we'll put that group in its own directory.  We'll also name the files so that they start with that name, too. We want your files to be easy to work with and we do what we can to facilitate that.  We ask that you try to put no fewer that 40-50 slides in a group. 

How should I send you my slides?   We recommend that you send us your slides in boxes, slide trays, carousels, or slide pages, if possible.  Please make sure they are secure and won't move around or jumble within the box you use for mailing.  If you have the metal Airequipt trays please remove the slides from the metal frames.  We can do it for you, but because of the extra time involved we will need to charge a small handling fee.

We have to scan Kodachrome film using special settings just for that film type.  Unless your slides are organized by some specific group or time frame, please help us by sorting them by Kodachrome and non-Kodachrome film types and/or by various mount styles.  If you need to maintain the order of the slides we'll change the settings in between each small group of Kodachromes within your group and maintain the order of your slides.  If you don't know which ones are Kodachrome and which one are not, it's ok.  We'll figure it out for you to make sure your slides are scanned correctly.

If you don't have a slide storage system, we offer several excellent options in our shop.  We can process your slides and then store them in one of those products for their return to you.

Can I see some samples of your work?   Of course!  We have a few customers who were kind enough to allow us to use their photos on our site as examples of our work.  Use the link below to have a look.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us!
Samples of our slide scans
Samples of our negative and film scans

Sounds Great!  I'd really like to have you scan slides for me. What do I need to do to get started?   Estimate the number of photos you have and go to our order page.
Fill out the order form and click the button at the bottom of the page to submit your order.  That will add your order to our database and give you a bar coded label with your our shipping address and your return address.  You can tape that label to your box or include it inside the box with your photos.  Ship the box to us using the courier of your choice.  We recommend FedEx or USPS Priority mail with Tracking.   We don't recommend using a courier or service that doesn't offer tracking. When your box arrives, we'll scan that bar code on the order label which will send you an email to let you know your box has arrived and it will queue your order to be scanned. Once we've completed scanning your slides and other photos, we'll send you an email with the total and a link to pay by credit card.  As soon as you pay, you'll be given access to review and approve your photos. If you paid by check, we'll just send you an email with a link to view your photos before we ship. Once approved, we'll ship everything back to you.  It's simple, it's fun, and you'll be glad you did it.
I have some more questions or special requirements.  What should I do?
  Call or write!  We're here to help and you're welcome to check out our complete list of FAQ's:

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