Our Current Estimated Order Completion Times

We will strive to get your order completed quickly but we will never rush orders through just to get them done. Remember that each photo and video is converted by hand and that at least 3 people are involved in making sure your job is completed to our high standards of quality.

We can usually get specialty film done quickly, too, but it may take a little longer. Business days are regular Monday through Friday excluding National and Federal Holidays.

The job is considered complete once we send you the link to review your images under Don't Want Don't Pay.  Slideshow movies will be created after you've approved your scans. 

We update these numbers constantly based on our current work loads. Here are our current estimated turn around times for various quantities and services:

Standard Prints, 35mm Slides/Negs & APS

1-400 photos
~6 business days
401-1500 photos
7-10 business days
1501-2500 photos
11-15 business days
>2501 photos
16 or more business days

Estimated turn around times are quoted in Business Days and based on Standard 35mm Film and Prints at our standard resolution. Non-Standard Film, Higher Resolutions, and additional services will increase the turnaround time.  Add 2-3 business days for the creation of a DVD Slideshow Movie. Quantities are per customer, not per order.  Please call for additional details...

Reel Transfers
<2000 feet
~10 business days
2001-4000 feet
11-15 business days
>4001 feet
16 or more business days

Video Tape Transfers
<12 Tapes
~10 business days
13-24 Tapes
11-15 business days
>25 Tapes
16 or more business days

Video Tape Alchemy
<12 hours 
~10 business days
13-24 hours 
11-15 business days
>25 Tapes 
16 or more business days

* Alchemy Orders that exceed 33 hours, will be split into multiple orders to make reviewing them easier. 

Turn around times are quoted in Business Days and based on Standard Transfer to DVD Movie disc, additional services such as sound, .AVI format to hard-drive and repairs will increase the turnaround time. Quantities are per customer, not per order.    

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